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Automatic flowering cannabis plants are the latest innovation in cannabis cultivation. These plants stay small, are easy and fast to grow and produce really good yields.

These Automatic flowering plants, or Autofem plants as we call them are also known as lowryder or dwarf cannabis plants. These plants are always hybrids between Cannabis Sativa and/or Cannabis Indica type plants with Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Ruderalis is a very low psychoactive (low THC percentage) plant which automatically starts flowering within 2 or 3 weeks after germination of the seed. Traditional cannabis plants which have not been hybridized with Cannabis Ruderalis start flowering when autumn sets as a reaction to the reduction of the hours of daylight.

Autofem plants can be grown both indoor and outdoor. Because of the their short life cycle, usually around 10 weeks  (traditional plants have a total life cycle of around 14 weeks indoors and even more outdoors) are a fast solution for indoor growers when they want to yield soon. For outdoor growers Autofem seeds are a great solution as well. In warm climates these plants can be grown all year long because they do not react on the number of daylight hours. In summer they do give the best results, because they need as much sunlight as possible to develop their nice sticky buds. Another great thing from these plants is that they stay small, which is perfect for growers who do not want to get nosy neighbors seeing their precious plants.

The breeders of Dutch Passion are in a non-stop process of improving current Autofem varieties and experimenting in order to get Autofem varieties with even more production and better tasting product. The first Dutch Passion Autofem varieties were very small plants which produced one main bud which was weighing around 20 up to 50 grams per plant. The non stop improvements of the Dutch Passion Autofem varieties have already resulted in some very productive varieties. Automazar has been one of our biggest achievements in Autofem development until now. For this variety a Spanish home grower has reported an incredible outdoor yield of 205 grams from one single plant. A grower from Ireland has reported an even more impressing yield of 235 grams from 1 single plant in a indoor grow. These yields are exceptions and should no be expected to be reached in each grow, but these numbers do show that these genetics have a big potential. For the next years the breeders of Dutch Passion expect to introduce some more astonishing Autofem varieties which could become instant classics.

Autoflower Seeds

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